Oct 4, 2013

Free Harvest Printables

Can you believe it's October?! Summer has once again flown by, and here we are at the end of gardening season, long days, and cool treats. I'm okay with that. Autumn has always been a favorite of mine. I never really got around to pulling out my summer decor, but I had my autumn decor out by the middle of September. Rather than buying anything new, I rearranged things I already had on hand and then bought a few small pumpkins for vignettes. Printable art is easy to switch around, though, so I made a few new prints for this year. I used Bible verses about harvesting to create a set that coordinates. The background looks gray, but it should print white. If you have trouble with it, let me know.

{click to print}

{click to print}
Image source for the wheat: unknown. If it's yours, leave me a comment so I can include a link.

Check back soon for pictures of the autumn decor I put up!


  1. James 3:18, not 2:18. Lol. Thanks though! I'll still use it :P