Feb 18, 2013

Bathroom Reveal

The bathroom reveal has been a long time in coming. I started the bathroom makeover before Thanksgiving with the intention of finishing it before our Christmas open house.

It probably would have gone quickly if I hadn't bumped the hose that connects the toilet to the water supply and flooded the bathroom.

It wasn't my brightest moment.

There is a lot of pressure behind that water supply.

No worries. My father-in-law came to the rescue before the whole house went under. The bathroom is dry, and the toilet is once again in working order.

Almost three months later, I finally got motivated to get back in there and finish painting. And I'm so glad I did.

Here are some before shots.
Problem #1: The trim around the doors has been painted white, and the baseboards were two different shades of stain.

Problem #2: The counter is gray, there is white tile on the wall to the left of the sink, and then there is this gray/white/brown marble-ish paneling behind the toilet.

Problem #3: All of the walls had been painted brown except for the wall above the toilet.

Problem #4: There were towel racks and hooks all over the place.

It seemed like four separate problems, but really, it was just one: the bathroom had been patched up so many times that there wasn't a common theme.

Our goal was to create one color scheme throughout the bathroom. Keep in mind that we don't own the house, so we couldn't remove tile, paneling, flooring, etc.

We started by taking down all of the towel bars and hooks. We replaced them with one board that has five matching hooks on it.

We used one of the bars we had taken down and put it up by the sink for a hand towel. We could have purchased a new towel bar that looked nicer, but this one still works.

The vanity drawers and doors didn't have any hardware on them, so we added some knobs that were left over from the kitchen makeover.

I would have loved to rip out the weird mirror storage thing and the light fixture above the sink, but once again, we don't own the house.

We painted the walls Carriage Ride by True Value, which is the same color we used in the dining room and master bedroom. The bathroom doesn't get much natural lighting, so it's hard to tell the exact color. Here is the color swatch from True Value's site.

Before painting over the paneling, we primed it with our favorite Zinsser 1-2-3 Cover Stain primer.

Yes, that is a Goodwill bag in the trash can. Just keeping it real.

We painted the baseboards white to match the trim on the doors.

I bought this shower curtain at Target last summer. I still love it!

The last change we made was to cover the window with frosting spray. It allows us to let in the small amount of light we do get while maintaining our privacy.

The bathroom is a long, narrow room. Combine that with the lack of daylight, and the pictures don't do it justice! You may not be able to tell much of a difference by the before and after pictures, but we are really enjoying the finished product. Having one central theme really makes the space feel clean and crisp- just as bathroom should be!

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  1. Hey our trash cans are filled with Publix, Walmart, and Kroger bags. It is what it is..be proud! :) The bathroom looks great! I love seeing the progress you make on the house!

    1. At least we're reusing, right? :) Thanks for following our progress! Another reveal is coming soon...