Nov 15, 2012

Dining Room Reveal... Sort Of

I told myself I wasn't going to reveal any rooms before they were finished, but I'm not quite sure how the dining room will end up anyway.  It will probably morph into something totally different by the end of next week, but I was too excited about the paint color to keep it to myself!

Here are some before shots:

We liked the border so much that we decided to leave it.

Just kidding.

I painted the walls a very light, soft gray called Carriage Ride by True Value.  It's based off of Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter.

I really love the subtlety of the color.  It's just dark enough that the molding stands out but not so dark that it distracts from the woodwork.

The door will probably be moved after I add some curtains, and the white dresser may end up along the wall somewhere after the piano arrives...

After we move the beige dresser to our room (after I paint it white)...

After I take down the wallpaper and paint the master bedroom...

After I make a slipcover for the new-to-us chair...

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