Nov 6, 2012

Suede Shirt Purse

That title may have caught you off guard unless, of course, you've seen this floating around Pinterest:


via Convoy
Thrift store suede jacket + a belt + a tote pattern

I saw this picture about a week ago and immediately knew what my next sewing project would be.  I picked up a couple of long sleeved suede shirts and a belt at Goodwill, but I thought I'd wait until after the move to tackle the project.

That lasted until about 1:53 AM.  I had woken up and was laying in bed thinking about the move and praying.

Finally, after an hour of trying to fall back asleep, I got up and decided to do something.

Being creative is relaxing for me, even if it is "work," so I thought I'd start on this project.

Four hours later, I crawled back into bed with the satisfaction of having accomplished something.

A suede shirt purse.

I didn't use a pattern; I took more of a cut and paste approach.  If you're wanting to make something similar and need help, feel free to ask questions in the comment section below.  I used old jeans in place of interfacing, and I found the lining fabric here.  The shirt I used ended being large enough that I only needed one for the whole purse.  A suede jacket could also be used, and you probably wouldn't need interfacing for it.


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