Nov 26, 2012

Tree Time

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!  We enjoyed spending time with both of our families and eating great food.  As we were driving home on Saturday afternoon, we decided to stop by the tree farm and chop down a Christmas tree.  This is our first year to have a real tree (the artificial tree didn't fit on the moving truck), and we were so excited about picking a tree out and cutting it down.  We searched and searched for the perfect tree, but all the good ones had already been taken.


Two days after Thanksgiving, all of the trees over five feet tall had already been chopped down.


We decided to leave without a tree, and as we were walking toward the car, we noticed some trees on display that had already been cut down.  We looked them over and found the perfect tree!

I'm just going to pretend like we got one of those little red saws and chopped it down ourselves, after which we went on a sleigh ride while enjoying hot cocoa.  It sounds a lot more romantic, don't you think?

Tip: to get the starburst effect, put your camera on a tripod and set your shutter speed at the slowest it will go.  If it's too bright, gradually turn the shutter speed up to your preference.