Nov 8, 2012

The Parsonage

This story begins one year and two weeks ago, when we moved to our current home (well, current for one more day!).

When we moved here just over a year ago, we decided to move into Marshall's grandparents' basement.  We thought it would be temporary, and we didn't want to sign a lease or rent from anyone.  We searched the home listings on a daily basis, but all of the homes in our town were way out of our price range.  The town we live in is on the Mississippi River, and real estate is high, even if the house doesn't have a great view.  Finally, towards the end of November, we found the "perfect" house at a really great price.  We checked it out immediately, and it seemed like a dream come true.  The house was an old Craftsman style house, and most of the original woodwork was untouched.  It had beautiful built-ins, wood floors, and a wooden front door that I loved.  There were only two bedrooms, but the attic could be turned into bedrooms if need be.

It was a long process, and we found out at the end of January that we weren't going to be moving after all.  To anywhere.

I set out to make the basement our home, painting almost all of the rooms and decorating it as if it were my own.  We finally finished the kitchen in September and had everything the way we wanted it.  I thought to myself, "Now that I finally have it done, we'll probably move soon!"

Two weeks later, Marshall candidated at the church, and we are moving to a different house tomorrow.

We knew there was a parsonage available for us before Marshall even spoke at the church.  Neither of us had seen it before, and I prepared myself for the worst.  I always do that, and nine times out of ten, I'm pleasantly surprised at what I find.  And do you know what we found?

An old, Craftsman style house with original woodwork, wood floors, built-ins, a wooden front door, and four bedrooms.  Yes, God does have a sense of humor.

It is need of an interior paint job, and it just so happens that I'm really good at painting.  We picked up 5 gallons of paint before our trip last weekend and started on the kitchen as soon as we got in.  I want to finish the kitchen before we move appliances in and have things on the counters.  Here are some pictures of our progress.

Kitchen Porch- Before
Kitchen Porch- After

Kitchen Cabinets- Before
Kitchen Cabinets- During

Wall Color- Before

Wall Color- After

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