Jan 18, 2013

Master Bedroom Reveal

I am so excited to bring you our master bedroom reveal!  I've heard of so many people who remodel their entire houses and leave their bedroom until the end.  It was definitely a thought in our minds, as nobody else will really see our bedroom.  And then I heard a design philosophy that changed my mind.  In effect, it said that the things closest to you should be the nicest, so buy nice napkins and cheap curtains.

I'm sure I totally butchered it, but you get the point.

After finishing up the rooms we needed to use for our Christmas open house (which are also the rooms where we spend the majority of our time), I decided to tackle the master bedroom.

This is what we had to start with:

This is the view from the doorway. The two doors on either side of the window wall lead to our walk-in closets. The trim and the walls below the wallpaper border were painted peach, and the walls above the border were lime green. Here is a closer look at the border:

I'm sure it looked really great way back when the work was done, but it definitely wasn't our style. This master needed a makeover.

You know how you see "budget-friendly" makeovers that involve saving up a few thousand dollars, calling in contractors, and tearing out walls?

Well, this isn't that kind of makeover. If that's what you're looking for, you will be sorely disappointed.

Ours was truly a budget-friendly makeover. I used a wet sponge to loosen up the wallpaper, ripped it off, and painted over the walls with paint we had leftover from the dining room. I painted the trim with leftover paint from the kitchen cabinets. The curtain rod was originally mounted on the window casing, and we moved it so it would sit above the window (if you don't understand why, check this out). The end.

It sounds a lot easier (and quicker!) than it actually was. But it was SO worth the effort!

{drumroll, please...}

Aaaaaaahhhhh, so light and refreshing! The wall color is Carriage Ride by True Value.

We have an attic bedroom, so it stays pretty warm. We decided to ditch the quilt and just keep a throw at the end of the bed for chilly nights.

I found Ralph Lauren sheets on a huge discount at TJ Maxx that match the color and design of the throw perfectly. I love TJ!

The walls are covered with paneling, and behind the paneling is plaster.  I'm pretending that the paneling is beadboard.

Marshall found the pieces to an old table, and he used the ends to make a sign. He designed and assembled the whole thing, and then I painted one of our favorite verses on it.

This is how the sign started out:

I also repainted a dresser to use in our bedroom. It is one that we fixed up last year. And by fixing up, I mean Marshall cleaned all of the dead mice out of it, bleached the whole thing, removed the warped veneer, etc. This picture was taken after it was cleaned up and sanded:

And this is after we painted it:

It worked with the colors in that house, but it didn't really match the gray in our new bedroom. We decided to paint the dresser white, and we switched out the hardware for some vintage glass knobs we had on hand.

We had to leave our bedroom tv behind. When we pick it up, it'll sit on top of the dresser. For now, I put up some wedding pictures, our "What a Difference" print, my wedding bouquet, and our wedding cake topper.



That's it!  Thanks for stopping by and taking the tour!

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  1. Emily - you have done such a great job on your bedroom. Doing something with love is better than just throwing money at it. The dresser is great with the new color and knobs. Naomi (from California)

  2. Beautiful! I especially love the sign above your bed. That was the verse we used on our program at our wedding.

  3. So simple and beautiful. I love the sign you made. I'm a new follower ;)

  4. Such a beautiful bedroom. I am envious of your RL sheets - I have got to get myself to a TJ Maxx! My fave is your empire dresser - love the lines of those beautiful antique pieces!

    1. You NEED to get to a TJ Maxx! Those sheets were only $40! Thanks for stopping by!