Jan 23, 2013

More V-Day Inspiration

Can you tell I'm a little bit excited about Valentine's Day? I don't normally go this crazy over it, but I often have our church banquet on my mind. It's kind of like planning a wedding reception, only more fun. It's way less pressure and a much smaller scale. There are so many decorative ideas floating around pinterest that would not be practical for a crowd of 250 people, but for 20... I can handle that!

That's how I felt when I made these tissue paper pom poms.

I thought I would test out our banquet decor at home to see if I need to change anything.

So far, so good! I found an excellent tutorial for the tissue paper pom poms here. I hung them at various heights and depths, and I love the look it created.

These are Martha Stewart's napkin heart doilies. I found her tutorial a little hard to follow, so I made a diagram of the how-to.

Finally, I have collected quite a bit of milk glass and milk glass look-alikes over the years, and I am planning to place them on the tables with candles inside.

I found the idea in a magazine way back when I was in high school and have loved milk glass ever since. It gives off such a pretty glow!

I think it would be really fun for a girl's birthday party, too!

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  1. I saw you linked up at Ginger Snap Crafts. I LOVE the pom poms.. I've tried making some before, but I think I needed to use more tissue paper. I'll check out the tutorial link.

    I am co-hosting a link party this week called Tell Me Tuesdays! I'd love for you to come check it out and link up!!
    Beth @ The First Year Blog