Jan 7, 2013

Great is Your Faithfulness Free Printable

We just finished painting our master bedroom, and now I'm working on the walls and filling out the little spaces.  I often make new printables for the frame on our night stand, and I was mulling over which phrase or verse I should use this time.  Lamentations 3:22-23 popped into my head, and it's a verse you have likely heard or may even know by heart.

{click to download}
It seems fitting to read these verses first thing in the morning, and it also seems fitting for the beginning of a new year.

Here is another one of my favorites from our bedroom.  You'll obviously want to change the dates to personalize it for yourself.  The font for the numbers is 18thCentury, and the font for the names is Jane Austen.

I've seen variations of these floating all over pinterest, so the idea is not original to me.  And to those of you who know us well, yes, I did change the dates on the printable shown for the sake of privacy.

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  1. ha! I almost was going to call you and tell you that your dates were wrong. THEN i saw the disclaimer. whoops!