Jul 12, 2012

This Week {illustrated}

Here is a glimpse of what our week has been like:

These are some fun pictures I got of our nieces and nephews (and my brother).  They were actually here last week, but the pictures are just too fun not to share.  We had a blast swimming in the river and playing on the beach.

Our first garden produce- chili peppers!  It doesn't seem impressive, I know, but this is our first garden, and we're incredibly thankful to get anything at all.

The town we live in has a state park with a beautiful flower garden.  We love to go every couple of weeks and see what's blooming!  I wish I could have captured the fireflies that come to the garden in the evening.  Incredible!


  1. How are your tomatoes?

  2. They are huge but haven't started turning red yet. We will have tons when they do, though!

  3. Enjoyed all the photos, but especially happy to see those first few peppers from your garden! Larry harvested two tomatoes the last five days, and then this morning, he brought in two dozen - they were all hiding deep in the plants/cages! He says we'll have hundreds! He also brought in a beautiful eggplant. Hoping we will have plenty of both when you visit.