Sep 5, 2012

Game Day Wreath

It's football season again, and we've got the perfect game day wreath for you dedicated fans.  It is extremely cheap and easy to make- score!  We teamed up with Ben Franklin in Chariton, IA again for this project, using items they sent us straight from the store.

You need:
1/2 yd team fleece
1/2 yd coordinating solid color fleece
1 wire wreath form
1 team mascot medallion

Begin by cutting your fleece into strips that are 2 x 7 inches.

Tie the strips onto the frame, alternating colors.  Scrunch the pieces up, and continue the process until you've filled up the form.

Secure the medallion to the form.

Wasn't that incredibly easy?  This wreath would also make a great gift for your team loving friends and family!

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