Sep 7, 2012

This Week {illustrated}

Well, our nephew and niece went home on Monday evening, and it sure seems quiet around here.  We loved having them here, but it would be dishonest to say that we were heartbroken to see them go.  We were so tired after our week with them, and we all ended up getting colds at the end of the week.  Even so, both of the kids said they had a fun time.  Mission accomplished.

Here are a couple more pictures of the fun food we ate last week:
car shaped pizza
candy coated apple slices
pancake and banana "ice cream cone"

I've been working on cleaning up the house, and I keep seeing these little reminders that make me miss having the kids here just a little.

"hair pretties" and Barney on the bathroom counter
cars on my nightstand
dice in the date money jar
the little kitchen in the big kitchen
We had big dreams about having a relaxing week at home after the kids left.  That lasted for about half a day.  Marshall and I went golfing one evening, and we noticed a whole bunch of apple and pear trees on the third hole.  Marshall called the president of the club and asked if we could pick some of the fruit.  Her response was, "I wish somebody would do something with it!  It hasn't been treated with chemicals, though, so you might not want it."  No chemicals?!  Yeah, we'd love some!  So we picked bags and bags of apples and pears, and I've been canning ever since.  We are SO thankful, even if it has made for a busy week.

2 jars of pickles curing and 11 cups of applesauce in ziploc bags to freeze (to be used in place of oil in baking)
Maple Spiced Applesauce
Vanilla Cinnamon Berry Applesauce
Pear Sauce

Maple Apple-Pear Butter

 And I'm not even close to being done...

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