Sep 21, 2012

This Week {illustrated}: I ♥ Ikea

I have been pretty overwhelmed with projects lately, and Marshall and I agreed that I needed to step back a little bit and recharge.  After tying up some loose ends at the beginning of the week, I headed out to Chicago to visit my oldest friend (she's also my cousin) for some much needed girl time.  We spent most of our time talking, but we did find a little time to go to Ikea.

Oh, Ikea!  It was my first time shopping there, and I loved it.  I've browsed their site many times, but we don't have a store in Iowa.  We need one.

I could have spent a lot of money on fun things, but I tried to stick to things that we needed this time.  Here are some of my favorite (affordable!) finds.

A new bath mat to match our new shower curtain: $1.99
Several kitchen towels: $0.79 ea
Pretty plates from the "As Is" section... They were being sold at a discount after having been used for display: $1.00 ea
More appropriately sized shade for the PB lamp: $5.00
The perfect lamp: $15.00

1 comment:

  1. I love IKEA! They have amazing deals (especially in that "As Is" section)! Great finds!

    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!