Aug 21, 2012

In a Pickle

We love pickles around here.  We also love garlic.  So when we picked our first cucumbers this season, we went in search of our favorite garlicky pickle recipe: the Claussen pickle.  I found several versions online but tried this one, and we both loved it.  The pickles are perfectly crunchy and garlicky!

You will need:
35-40 pickling cucumbers
1 gallon cold water
1 C apple cider vinegar
2 T pickling spices
2/3 C canning salt
4 cloves garlic (or more if you are a garlic lover!)
4 T dried dill seed

Wash your cucumbers.

Cut 1/8 inch from the blossom end.

We sliced ours lengthwise, but you could also do spears.

Layer the garlic, dill seed, and cucumber slices in your jars.

In a separate bowl, stir the remaining ingredients until the salt is dissolved.
Pour the brine over the cucumbers, making sure the cucumbers are submerged.
Let the pickles sit on the counter for 2-4 days.  Cover to keep bugs out.

Place lids on your jars and keep refrigerated for up to six months.



  1. Ohhhhhh......pickles. I could have pickles every meal. Wanna mail me some of those? I will help you get rid of them! :)

    1. LOL- I'd be willing; however, they aren't canned. I don't think they'd be quite the same by the time they get to you!

  2. So I will be on the plane tonight...somehow rent a car and be at your house by 9ish tonight..have them ready! :) I will definitely have to come visit you guys and get to try all of this amazing stuff you and Marshall create!