Aug 1, 2012

Good News and a Seashell Wreath

I'm back again with the wreath tutorial as promised!  It's simple to put together and makes for a wonderful summer welcome for your front door.

I started with a piece of foam tubing from the plumbing department at Lowe's.  Why?  Because foam tubing is about $1, and wreath forms are a lot more expensive at the craft store.  You can cut your tube to whatever length you want depending on the size of wreath you'd like to make.  I cut mine in half and used duct tape to secure the ends.  I also cut slits along the side of the tube to help it bend more easily.

Wrap fabric around the wreath form and secure with hot glue every couple of inches.

Hot glue shells to the form beginning with the inner and outer edges.   When done with the edges, fill in the middle "row" and keep adding shells to cover any exposed areas.  I used four bags of shells for my wreath.  Word of advice: buy all your shells at the same time.  Don't assume that the store will restock their shelves if you buy all the bags that they currently have.  Because they might not.  And then you might have to order them online.  And then they might not be the exact same color.  And then you might have to rip off all the shells you already glued and start all over.  And then you may not have your summer wreath up until the end of July.  Just trust me.
Find a beachy looking ribbon or maybe some burlap to hang it with, and stand back to admire your lovely summer seashell wreath!

As you can see, I made a monogram for ours.  I simply hot glued driftwood to a cardboard "F."

And for the good news...

After this post, we've received an order for two more benches!  As I type this, Marshall is measuring and cutting away.  Stay tuned for pictures!

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