Aug 14, 2012

To Jamesport We Go!

After our stay in Wichita, we decided to stop off at some antique shops on our way through Missouri.  Missouri seems to have an abundance of antiques, so we were hoping to find some great deals.  We looked through some of the shops in tiny towns off the highway, but Jamesport was the pot of gold.

Jamesport is a small, Amish, touristy town with good food and tons of antique shops.  I think we visited five before deciding we needed to get back on the road.

We bought several small things, but this is my favorite:

I foresee another bench in our future!  And this one, we're keeping!  We found this set at Gas Buggy Antiques, and the owner was kind enough to barter with us.  She was so friendly, and her store was a delight to poke around in.  If you're thinking of stopping in, you better hurry!  She's hoping to retire soon and sell the business.  It is definitely worth it if you're in the area!

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