Oct 15, 2012

80 Reasons Why I Shop at Goodwill

You know how some people could walk into a store and pick out the MOST expensive item without ever looking at price tags?  That's me.  Marshall confessed last week that he realized it shortly after we were engaged.  I think it scared him a little bit, but I take comfort in the fact that he married me anyway.

Even though my taste may be on the more expensive side, I hate spending money on stuff.  Especially when you can buy it for so much less at garage sales or Goodwill.

Are you too stuck up for Goodwill?  Sometimes I think I might be too stuck up not to go to Goodwill... I love going through the store and seeing how many name brand or good quality items I can find.  Here's a running total of our favorite finds:

2 ties, Arrow sweater (Large/Tall- sooo hard to find!), Chaps sweater (tags still on!) = 4

vest, Eddie Bauer t-shirt, Gap sweater, striped shirt, Lands End sweater, Vigoss jeans, 2 long tie-belt sweaters, Old Navy shirt (I so badly wanted to buy it in the store last November, but we had just moved and didn't have money for "extras."  Not only was it at Goodwill, but it was on sale at Goodwill.) = 13
Ann Taylor Loft dress, striped Gap skirt (tags still on!), khaki Gap skirt (after a little sewing, it will be modest enough to wear in public) = 16
vintage rolling pin, frame, canister (I actually have 2), vintage Ball jar, 2 silver candlesticks, 2 wooden candlesticks (the 2 larger candlesticks still had tags from Target), decorative urn, ironstone plate, glass dome lid, silver tray (from Pottery Barn) = 31
This is just a small representation of all the books we've found at Goodwill. = 54+
Gap wool coat, brown puffy coat (I ruined the hood in the dryer... sad), and then I found another brown puffy coat from Ralph Lauren (with tags still on!) = 57+

Lots of decorative plates, chalkboard frame, apothecary jars, rocking chair = 68+
And that's not all!  I've also picked up an Ashley end table (69+), Little Tikes toy box (70+), brand name clothes for our nieces and nephews (71+), a vintage Jenny Lind high chair (72+), the entire What to Expect series for my sister (73+), vintage Pyrex dishes (74+), little book shelf (75+), Wolfgang Puck stainless steel pan (76+), and tons of kids toys (77+).  Yesterday, I bought two pair of Gap jeans (78+), a Gap polo (79+), and an Isaac Mizrahi skirt (80+).

When it comes to Goodwill, I can't afford not to shop there!

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