Oct 31, 2012

Photo Op

My sister-in-law called me several weeks ago and asked if I could take some family pictures for her.  I didn't hesitate one moment!  She and my brother have the most beautiful family, and of course, I'd take any opportunity to snap pictures of the world's cutest kids.  Marshall and I joke that the Gap models better watch out.

It's no wonder they have gorgeous children!
The setting they picked out was incredible, and the kids loved running through the trees.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous going into it.  I read up on all kinds of child photography tips, and I kept reading that with kids under age five, you might as well just hope for some nice candids.  With four kids five and under, I was very skeptical of the outcome.  For the most part, they were eager to smile for the camera, even though it was freezing outside.

That is one good looking family!
Thank you to everyone who prayed for Taylor yesterday!  The surgeons were able to get the entire tumor out!

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  1. We had soooo much fun. Thanks!!! Luckily, you can photoshop little runny red noses. ;0)