Dec 12, 2012

$2 Ikea Pillow Covers

I like to make different pillow covers for the different seasons and holidays.  It's an easy way to switch things up.  It can also be really cheap.  As in $2 per pillow...

Do you remember when I brought home these Ikea dishtowels?

They were about $0.79 each.  I bought them with the intention of making Christmas pillow covers out of them, and they worked wonderfully!  To make your own pillow covers, you'll need 2 towels for each pillow. I forgot to take pictures, so I've made a little diagram for you.

After cutting the pieces, flip around the pieces from towel #2 so your finished edges overlap in the middle.  Lay your square from towel #1 over the towel #2 pieces (right sides together), and sew around the edge with a 1/4 inch seam.  So easy!

They also look very similar to Pottery Barn's Grain Sack Stripe Pillow Cover ($29.50 each), but for a fraction of the price.



  1. The last time I was at Ikea I bought
    a dozen of these little towels.. hmmmm
    guess I'll have to make something instead
    of using them in the kitchen.. love it!

  2. In confused. Why don't you just cut two square pieces the same as your #1 and then just sew together. What am I missing that towel #2 has to be cut differently.

    1. Leila,
      You certainly could do that and then just stuff it or use a pillow form. I cut mine differently and made an envelope style cover so that I can switch out the covers seasonally. Hope that helps!

  3. Love, Love, Love em....Thanks for the idea and the tutorial. Happy New Year!!! :)