Dec 20, 2012

Plaid Pillow Cover Knock-Offs

Plaid has been very trendy this Christmas season, and I hope it lasts!  There is something cozy about it, especially on pillows.  Pottery Barn, L.L. Bean, Land of Nod, and Eddie Bauer all agree, and they usually know what they're talking about.



Camp Flannel Pillow Case


Land of Nod's pillows have been discontinued, but you can purchase the other covers starting at $19.95, OR you can make them yourself for much, much less.

Step 1: Go to Goodwill and buy a bunch of flannel plaid shirts (men's XL work best) for about $3 each.  While you're there, grab some pillows for about $1 each.  They can be a little lumpy, but pick pillows that don't smell like smoke (or anything else).

Step 2: Wash the shirts, and remove their buttons and pockets.  Save the buttons for other projects.
Step 3:  Make pillow covers.  I used the envelope style for all of mine and utilized the finished edges of the shirts.  The edge that I removed the buttons from is the outer envelope edge, and I didn't bother hemming the inside envelope edge.

I was able to buy five pillows and make five slipcovers for less than what it would have cost to buy one slipcover from the store!

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